Friday, July 23, 2010

World Spotlight: Valanas Return of Nightfall

I was hoping to post something pertaining to Guild Wars today, though it seems like Arenanet hasn't done much other than showing up to ComicCon, which would be a lot of fun I think if I could ever get the chance to go. Though with my hopes still set on going to GenCon before the age of 30 is my current goal, and hopefully doing so with a group of friends.

In the meantime, I've been running a morning game with some friends of mine to help flesh out the Ugandi in Valanas. So far, the players are off to a great start, and they are having a lot of fun! Here are some of the Highlights from the past three sessions!

Interestingly enough, when I had the players put together their key relationships with family, tutors, and key conflicts, and interesting thing occurred. I looked over the character sheets and I had a brainstorm, what better way to introduce the players to the world than to include a unified force of Villains that are somehow working together, and tie in some of the character elements in the process?

One player, who's character's name is Thoasar, had put together a revolutionary judicial system to adapt to the philosopher oriented government that was spread across all of the nation. He had a rival of sorts who sought instead to bring a change in everything, including the government and the religion to something more centric revolving around a religious figure.

The other player, who's character's name is Anaya, happens to be both enjoying and suffering from her unique  power, being loved by many and feared by just the same. Anaya happens to be the only infused who has had silver skin, and is the only one who happens to have her unique abilities like she has. Anaya also has absolute respect from the entire Capital of Earth, while the entire Capital of Air seem to be repulsed by her. Those of the other cities are unsure what to think of her, though she is known to be one of the most attractive women in all of Ugandia, ironically, second only to the greatest performer of the Capital of Air.

Through their explorations, the players have found that the performer and the rival are following along with a mysterious man who calls himself Quil, who happens to have the same elements of silver skin and almost magical properties having the ability to move through solid walls and walk on water. A series of questions were wanted to be answered as they discovered that the man was ancient, though they also learned he had plans to "purify" the world of Ugandia, with or without the help of the Infused.

It was really interesting how it all played out, as my original plan was to introduce the Nightspawn to the world as well as the Terrorist orginization. But instead now I have a staged plan to make the story a bit longer and in doing so allowing the players to shape the world itself. I still plan on including the Nightspawn, the ruined ancient city of the Giants, and the growing nation of the Nitol, but all in due time.

I will introduce one of these elements with the first terrorist attacks of the Followers of Night after this story arch is complete. I'm glad the players are all having a lot of fun though, and I look forward to enjoying even more of our 2 hour long sessions on a weekly basis!

For those interested on more detail pertaining to the campaign setting itself, I have been working hard on putting all of it online using Obsidian Portal's services. You can find the campaign setting below:

More information to come soon, though if you have any ideas or thoughts on an inspirational villain or hero, thoughts on edits or critique, please feel free to contact me!