Thursday, July 08, 2010

Software Spotlight: Guild Wars 2, Healing, & Death

Earlier today, released information about how their latest mechanics for death and healing are going to work in their upcoming new release.

For a lot of people, this a nice fresh breath that really adds new perspective to the meaning of a total knock out as well as how they are tossing out the "Holy Trinity" out of MMO's and RPG's in general.

This has been something that I personally have been looking forward to. If there is one thing I am not a big fan of its having to deal with a death penalty, equipment degradation, and then having to make up the penalty through combat, posing an even greater risk of death a second time (or more in some other cases).

Guild Wars 2 will simply allow you to continue fighting despite a weakened state. While you do so your still vulnerable to attacks, and if your attacked further you risk being completely KO'd but if you use the included "fallen skills" right you will be able to revive in the middle of a battle and continue fighting as if the fallen state never happened. Also, after (or even during hopefully) battle other players may be able to interact with the player to revive them! There are even some skills that do so automatically as part of some of the class features.

Also, something that I was rather looking forward to, they are bringing an end to the dreaded "Looking for Healer" question from the game entirely. Along with dedicated healing slot in all character builds, there will be a far more pronounced support roll that players may fill, but with the 10 skill bar, you are assured that everybody will be able to have both a heal, a support skill, and a large collection of offensive skills. movement and positioning will play a far more substantial roll and everybody will get the chance to play all the roles rather than just one of the 3 "DPS, Tank, Heal" builds.

Thats right, No more having a large handful of damage monkeys and no tanks willing to sacrifice their armor to death penalties and no healers to be found. The game will let you specialize in whatever tactic you want, but no matter what you'll be able to adapt and change your tactics on the fly as you progress through the game. You aren't tied to a single build or have to save up tons of money to re-skill yourself. Its all done outside of combat. Options seem to be the pick of the crop in this game!

If you all get the chance, check out the article for yourself here. You will not be disappointed!