Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rolling the Dice: An Interesting Perspective

This past weekend I got a chance to role play with some local people here in Fort Wayne. This was my first experience with a new group and I was eager to experience a new game setting. It was quite the experience, as the setting was very dark and the system very deadly on a lot of levels.

It was rather quick to find that the characters were indeed paper thin, and I was rather lucky to have had armor with the combat we had, as I found that a group of enemies were aiming straight for my head!

The players in the game seemed to have a lot more of laid back approach to their role play though, and I found this to be very interesting. Where my last group had to explain everything in exquisite detail, in essence acting out their characters and interacting with the environment on a completely detailed manner.

With this group I found that everything was mostly assumed, and I was quickly brought into the group and no real interaction was necessary, I was in the group no questions asked and I was my duty to protect "the Inquisitor" which was some power that a lot of people feared apparently.

There was still a number of elements that made the game quite different, and it was apparent that the characters had some interaction with the PCs, though it was more secondary to finding the information they needed. This came to a relief for me as I was still new to the game and I'm still understanding where my character fit into the whole scheme of things, having been mind wiped and kept alive from some unknown horror, or so I believe.

Luckily though the GM established a quick character concept and I have been exploring the different capabilities of the player, which although are very limited are at least easy to grasp. The use of stats ranging from 20 to 100 are a bit different, and how it works with the d100 percentile dice is also a really nice change. I'm rather curious to see how another game runs. From what I understand my character will be relatively paper thin and is very deadly, so not to get too attached with my character.

Seeing as how the whole group are Game Masters, and how they change games about once every 3 to 5 games I can see why frequent death can be a good thing!