Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rolling the Dice: I have returned! (Again...)

Hello there blog-o-sphere! I have (hopefully) returned to keep the world updated on my discoveries and great adventures.

So now that I've gotten internet and my computer situated, I can now return to the world of blogging. I know so far that I have only a few followers, and probably even fewer that keep up with the posts, but I contribute that to my lack of dedication on a solid posting schedule.

I'll be making an effort to get posts in at least twice a week now, probably once every Thursday to update on my latest discoveries of Guild Wars 2 and my thoughts on how the different online elements can be reflected at the game table. On the weekends I'll post again on Saturday and possibly on Sunday.

During the week I have been trying to stay productive. I'm currently working with a friend of mine who refers to himself as the "K" who I hope to start playing some of the original Guild Wars in the hopes of gaining any number of titles to show off when Guild Wars 2 comes out. I'll also be working on two other projects that relate to the game table.

These projects include the First and 4th Generation of Valanas, a world I have been piecing together on and off for the past 3 years or so. I've only briefly explained Valanas in one of my older posts and I hope to elaborate as to what First and 4th generation means exactly in a follow up post. While I piece together this information, I hope to also have a copy of the works at AtomicThinkTank, which happens to be Mutants & Masterminds forum for all things relating to the game, as well as some info on comics.

I also hope to keep up with the rest of the blog-o-sphere by reading up on my news feeds and other websites. Once I have found a good collection of posters that I like, I'll reference them here on the blog, and possibly leave comments on the other blogs for more information.

As always, I appreciate any input as I continue to attempt to keep an updated blog.

Best wishes to you all and happy gaming!