Saturday, July 17, 2010

Game Spotlight: Guild Wars 2, Heritage

So to put it bluntly, I'm a rather "boring" player. I am one of those people who will get Guild Wars 2 just to play a human. Thats right, a Human. The very thing that I was restricted to play in the original Guild Wars. Why is this? Well a number of reasons.

First off, I have a lot of history thats built up on one of my characters in Guild Wars. I'd very much like to play out that history, and see how Guild Wars 1 puts together that part of it. I have seen posts on various websites about the possibility of bloodlines? Let the speculation begin!

In the original Guild Wars, my main character Mother Chaos played as a necromancer. Though as I played the game and followed with the history of the game and what conventions there would be when the sequel comes out the choices of the Durmand Priory.

The thing I'm really enjoying about what Guild Wars is doing is they are adding a completely new level to the game, and Humans in particular are going to have racial skills tied to the Gods, who have mysteriously disappeared for the better part of the past 250 years. Necromancy, for the most part, has survived this 250 year change, despite the lack of the presence of Grenth, the God of cold and death.

It is my impression that my character, if she had a choice, would have scoured the world of Tyria for clues and information about history and different elements of necromancy and as her generation had passed, how her offspring would pass on her heritage, or at least those she had influenced along the way. The heritage would bring with it a collection of practitioners of all arts, and not so much limited to necromancy but instead the pursuit of understanding and knowledge of spiritual enlightenment.

How Guild Wars will allow us to make our choices makes me curious, and if I can play as a Human Necromancer once again, just so I can say that I wield the blessing of Grenth and whatever other information that provides, having a mild hatred but understanding of the Char, a respect for the Asura for their advancements in the arcane understanding of necromancy, the Azura's unique interests in death and its intricacies, and possibly the Norn's strength in their power.

The questions arise, what choices will I have during character creation, will I be able to connect this character to my primary account in the original Guild Wars and build up a heritage and unique story for my characters, and alternatively, can I make a character that isn't tied to that account and have them their own account? How does the Heritage work or was that something still in draft? All questions that would be nice to have answered, and as each post comes out from the better I hope to gain understanding!

In any case, its turning out to be a great game, and its keeping me excited with each release of info. So Exciting!