Saturday, July 17, 2010

Elaboratus: The Temple of Serpentis

In the world of Valanas, there has been a number of rumors and even situations where players have had a chance to experience a Temple that housed a dark and sinister race of humanoid snakes. For the most part, the snakes only played a minor part in the adventure, and the temple itself only played a minor part as well and got demolished to a minor extent.

Though the thing is, this temple is much darker than people realize. As I continue with this post, I'll detail some ideas that I've come across for this temple, and some of the detailed history that goes behind it.

The Rise and fall of Shidora

The Race of Serpentis existed during the first generation of Valanas, where they were once one of the man humanoids that had been fabricated by the great Giants of that generation. This particular collection of Humanoids where fabricated with sinister plans in mind.

The great Giant known as Shidora wanted a race of Humanoids to act as his personal guard and a means of gathering information for him. He gifted them all with the ability to slow down time to enable them to travel far distances in a short amount of real time. He also gifted them all with psionic abilities to read the surface thoughts of those around them, and to enable them to partially see into the future.

After gaining information from the other giants, Shidora wanted to fabricate an emblem of his knowledge, and a means to make him the most powerful giant in all of Cratora. He forged a weapon that he could use to channel his energy into, enabling him the ability to enhance the traits of his humanoid creations. It also allowed him to completely stop time.

Though after the sword was forged, and the ritual was cast, one of the shards of Nightfall crashed into the nearby valley, and the shock wave of energy that occurred disrupted the energy connection between Shidora and his humanoid creations. The ritual incompleted, the weapon he was enchnating cracked and shattered into 3 pieces, and Shidora's energy was trapped inside the remaining shards of the sword, and as the ritual spun out of control, Shidora soon began to lose his very life energy.

Shidora was slowly dying, and he knew this. He had only one option left. He knew that the release of his soul from his body could fuel the ritual circle enough to trigger a chain reaction, in effect reversing time and possibly insuring his survival. Taking one of the 3 shards, he pierced it through his heart, and as he had planned the ritual triggered the chain reaction he was planning.

The only thing he didn't plan for, was that his very flesh and the flesh of his creations were turned to stone, and the temple he had set up to make the sword was forever stuck in a time vortex. Time had indeed reversed itself, but those in the temple of the time of the cataclysm where either also turned into stone, or had survived the change but had gained the knowledge that was released by the death of Shidora.

The Corruption of the Serpentis

The time vortex now permanent, those still in the temples borders found that if they tried to leave the limits of the temple, they would find themselves unable to escape, the time vortex creating a dome that trapped them in time.

As time passed, the Temple itself did not age, though the trees and local animals did not seem to be affected by the time vortex, and it soon became apparent that it was a curse of those who dared try to finish the ritual. Those who survived the event, those who now call themselves the Serpentis, found their own rituals, and have been trying to use their own magic to instead stop the time for themselves.

As a result, the Serpentis found a demonic entity that granted them the snakes touch, and gifted them the ability to be immune to aging, and the ability to use their telepathic abilities to instead to travel through time, but only through the use of large rituals. The cost for this was gifting the demonic entity with one of the shards of the sword that Shidora had crafted.

With the sword, the Demon found himself with even more power as before, and became the master of all the Serpentis, and once again the Serpentis was able to march on the world of Valanas, which in and of itself is a completely different story.

Final Details

Through out the world of Valanas, the temple can still be visited, but in so doing time does not pass, but instead reverses and players can find themselves getting younger. For those who spend too much time in the temple find themselves stuck in the vortex itself, and must find other means of escaping the temple.

The three shards that have found themselves across the world of Valanas exists as the Blade of Seprentis, a vampiric sword that can steal a portion of an enemy's soul upon mortally wounding that enemy, and then be able to summon a duplicate of that enemy who is completely dedicated to the cause of the wielder. The second shard is forever trapped in stone and wood inside what remains of Shidora. The Third shard is hidden as well, but by the Serpentis themselves.