Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elaboratus: The Ghoster and Slider

I've been reading more into comics now that I have a better idea of how to get them in digital format. In doing so I've been getting a flood of inspiration about character concepts and unique ways of explaining powers that are of a mutant origin. On top of this, I've also been generating various characters for my friend Natalia for a game she happens to be hosting currently.

In doing so I've had a number of ideas that I'd like to work on for the various histories of Valanas or if possible characters that I'd like to play as if I ever where to find myself in a game hosted by someone else.

The "Ghoster"
I've been toying around with the idea of a technopath that instead of the usual connection to electronics, had the ability to understand electrical currents in all elements, specifically those in computer chips and the human mind. This would instead have a small electrical charge ability that could be enhanced through constructs that would be made by this said character or even something that they would experiment with technology. This borderlines on telepathy though so I'm unsure of how to categorize it.

Unlike having control of metals and the like, the character would have more of a tie towards chemical reactions, seeing as how the combination of electricity along side that of various chemical compounds created an insanely fast reaction of discharges between receptors. I'm unsure of if a "synapath" would be the right word for it, but they wouldn't just be limited to electronics (as metal is a good conductor) but instead could act as a character that had control over electronic currents in living things, and how they function.

Potentially speaking, this would allow here to take living things and while using their abilities, would allow for the ability to completely rewire memories, and on a more extreme level, personalities in living creature minds or in any element that is influenced by electronic impulses. The character's abilities would be able to transform things and in some cases completely mess up the central nervous system of most living adversaries, targeting their very flesh rather than their will.

I would also believe that this said character could be able to change if not enhance the behavior of electrons in matter, allowing them to behave according to her will. This could take the form of an electrical construct that only had mental traits and would require a housing of some sort, and could possibly be used as a means of finding information in technological or living creatures.

This person would be insanely intelligent, and have advanced knowledge of electronic behavior and of the central nervous system of all living things. The character would have above average if not gifted dexterous abilities and would have an above average ability to resist telepathic invasions due to the very electricity flowing through them being enhanced by her abilities. I wouldn't be surprised if this character also had the ability to duplicate themselves in other creatures or objects that could retain her electrical footprint at higher levels.

With this particular build though, I would probably place it in the NPC pool, as the abilities could be taken as evil in a lot of cases and would require quite the investment of points to build most of her abilities. I'll have to pull out the MnM book and see what I can put together both ability wise and as a fun little background.

The "Slider"
The Slider is a twist on a character by the name of "Skid" that I held in my first Valanas adventure. He was by far very very fast, but it was due to a kinetic control and wasn't innate speed. He didn't have enhanced time sense or quickness and instead mostly skidded from point to point (hence the name) performing normal tasks at regular speeds. In situations where vision was impaired he was at a pretty sever disadvantage.

The Slider on the other hand wouldn't be a control of kinetic or potential energy, but instead on friction itself. The character would have frictionless movement allowing them to easily "slide" from place to place. I imagine such a character would use focused points or lines of friction to help propel them, but would always glide or slide to whatever place they deem worthy.

As far as abilities go, I could see the character moving from enemy to enemy and "sticking" them to the ground or forcing weapons to jam and the like. The question I couldn't find an answer to is would it make more sense to keep their abilities focused on melee or at range? The concept that I like the most is a combination of the both, where their abilities would instead be area of effect that focused on a burst, explosion, trail, and a line out from the character. Combine this with a longing area of effect and enhanced move speed and the character could move circles around enemies trapping them and keeping them from escaping.

This ability would be very strong in them, but the Character themselves would be more of a mover than a fighter, and if forced into a corner, would probably trip or restrain the enemy and then try to escape. At larger levels or even with more experience, this person could apply extra knock-back with their area of effect attacks.

The explanation of how this works is in essence the ability to control a frictionless forcefield that could extend out from the character, essentially coating whatever surface she touches and focuses on, making it stick as much as she wants or causing it to not be tractive at all, as if moving on slippery ice.

The character wouldn't have so much understanding of it and probably wouldn't be that smart, but could have above average physical traits and possibly a higher sense of personality, as the ability is somewhat comical in a lot of cases. They would have athletic skills and probably a common knowledge of recent events. When it comes to combat ability though, she would have below average aim for both melee and ranged attacks, and around average dodge ability, and would have a rather substantial reflexive ability and balance.

Final Notes
Both of these concepts stemmed from inspiration from the Playstation 3 game "Infamous" where you had a character that could "slide" across electric lines and had electrical abilities. This reminded me of a technopath with the ability to control technology, but as I thought more on that aspect, I thought what would make a technopath "work."

I have to say the result I have described above is rather scary, and if anything would make for a very mean NPC, especially if the NPC had access to experimental bodies and creatures. The NPC would have a rather large collection of bodies that they would find appealing, and would be working up an army for the ultimate experiment, or simply to study the various "personalities" of someones synaptic mental footprint.

The slider on the other hand fleshed out nicely, and could easily fit into things and probably would be easy to put together for a game. There would be no question on good/evil and would be light hearted and probably pretty charismatic. Aside from the powers, they'd be pretty human as well.

My next goal is to work on reading up examples of people who have put together Heroes with the Mech and Manga book and try to piece together a fun "Combo Finish" character. There is a lot of potential with it, and could push the limits of a game if the right number of combo points are achieved. Its a unique mechanic for the game system and is something I'd like to try out.

I'll be working on character sheets for the two above builds to share with you all before the end of next week using Mutants and Masterminds, and if I have the time, GURPS (though the sheer number of points to build these would probably be insane). So any thoughts or comments?