Friday, April 02, 2010

Rolling the Dice: Super Sentai, GO!

So I've updated my Layout a bit, the layout and background don't really have much to do with Role Playing, if anything it just makes it easier for me to read the posts and makes reading it on larger screens a bit easier.

On another note: Last couple of posts I've had a number of comments outside of the blog from various friends on a number of other networks. One of these friends made a rather entertaining comment about the idea I had. Essentially the concept of having the Gestalt and Mecha in one has been somewhat of a staple for shows that have had the name of Super Sentai, a word referring to the style of shows focused around Mecha Team Force! For those not familiar with the term, I'm sure you've heard of the name of Power Rangers, or any number of "Ranger" task force shows.

This came to a bit of surprise to me, and although a bit on the embarrassing side, still had some merit to the idea. Just because there are shows with people running around with strange colorful almost spandex costumes and rather cheesy poses and the like doesn't necessarily mean I have to host a story like that myself.

There are a lot of very cool elements to the genre that can be learned from to have a more mature style game, that is unless one is going for a more comical style game (which is unlikely). Even so, the shows had martial arts, unique weapons, entertaining Power Houses behind the task forces, and interesting plot points, that although had a level of comic to it and shallow depth, still had the core of what could make for a fun environment.

The setting I had in mind would allow the players to have a choice of half breeds focusing more on elements and animals (Following the Totem theme I've had in a number of my other games) and more specifically unique bloodlines, combined together with martial arts expertise set in a world that had one major nation and a subset of lesser houses in a very mountainous and forested areas. This would give ample uses for the climbing skill, jumping, acrobatics, stealth, and a large set of other skills and large landscapes to fight with in a mecha as well.

Now, if I so choose, I could really put some detail into the world and decide on the key players in the setting as far as player origins are concerned. I'd probably have a race of Half-Breeds (Composing of a Bear, Boar, Falcon, Panther, and Wolf) as well as a collection of Half-Breed Plant People, Those of the Elementary Masters, Half-Elementals with elements associating composing of Fire, Earth, and Water. The rest of the people would have their own specialties in either Technology or weapon mastery, and having all of them have a mastery of their own body to some extent. (Note, this concept is derived from Chinese Elements, one of the two elemental principals in Eastern Philosophy).

This by itself should open up a wide variety of options to choose from for both a person's race as well as general martial arts concept. Governing all this would of course be the inherent relationships between each of the animal elements, as well as an underlying properties of relationships similar to that of how the Chinese Elements correspond to each other which ought to help guide player relationships as well as behaviors towards other NPC forces.

Despite the very strong Chinese Influence on the core mechanic, I like combining the Japanese and Chinese elements to make their own unique settings. The question is though, where can I find some of the art work to introduce with this kind of game? I've browsed Deviant Art for some time and I have some in mind, but maybe its time to browse around a bit more for some other Art Forums and see if there is an artist that catches my fancy.

In any case, I highly doubt that the world I have in store would be too shallow than that of those of this Super Sentai! Haha!