Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rolling the Dice: So much to do!

So, as I move through life trying to find a means of making a living, keeping up with friends and family, and finding a healthy avenue for my seemingly overflowing brain, I've found that I have a habit of starting quite a bit of projects as new ideas come to my head. This blog was one of my attempts to really keep track of this, and I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts of some new ideas that have come across my mind as of late.

So recently I got my hands on a copy of the Mech and Manga by Green Ronin, a game supplement for Mutants and Masterminds. This book was a long awaited purchase, a good friend of mine told me about it and I just had to get it! Manga and Anime has been on of my favorite forms of Comics, some of my favorites were Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, and Gundam Wing in all of its incarnations.

In the supplement, Green Ronin puts together all the various types, including that of games such as Pokemon and fantasy manga like Ah! My Goddess and martial arts like Dragon Ball. It has a very detailed section pertaining to Mech Combat as well, as mentioned with Gundam Wing, but also details some properties about transforming bots from anime such as Macross.

So this got me thinking. In the end of the book it goes over various settings and they had this one that goes over having all the things you wanted in one setting. It mentions about these special elements that fuel the character's imagination, for better or for worse. I'd love to have my own twist on things. What kind of twist?

One that includes Martial Arts, martial arts so exotic that they have supernatural effects when used. I'd also like to have an element to the story where large Mecha can be used. the idea of having spirit pets or animals like Pokemon or Monster Rancher isn't so appealing for me, but I did like the idea of having unique "teacher's" in the form of small or large animals, or small animals that had the ability to transform!

So when it comes down to it, I thought about the following: The setting would include a beginning: The School years. During the School years, the players would develop a martial arts of some sort learning about the different types of martial arts and how it can affect reality.

Each player would also have access to whatever exotic animal/creature/element racial combinations, and since technology would be allowed, cyborg type characters would also be allowed. Players would be limited to 1 power point per Power Level per Rank in powers and no more than 20% of their allotted power points combined in any power. This will force the players to be relatively super human but consist of more skills and feats than powers, giving it a unique feel. I'd allow any character template in the book plus whatever else I'd have cooked up as the "norm" of the setting.

Then as they each learn their unique elements (Similar to how each character in Naruto have their own innate elements) the players would come close to graduation, a graduation that would incorporate a cooperative treasure hunt that uses all the key elements of their classes prior. The projects that the players would go through would be rudimentary, and the challenges they would face would be in the form of rivalries and various combat scenes with other thieves and other clansmen/teachers.

As the graduation would come close, I could see the players having being introduced to their "special" teacher who would be watching over their progress, the "special" being the fact that the creature is a spirit companion of some sort, story wise I can see them being immortal in some way. As the graduation would finish, an event that would introduce unique alien like creatures to the world would put the players to the test, and introduce the very first Mecha to the players in the form of gifts given by these immortals and a fun new part of the game would come in the form of facing hordes of monsters and taking on a unique form that could take on the more epic monsters that the hordes were prepping for.

Something that I've always wanted to introduce in a game but never had a chance to was including the Gestalt power for the Mecha, and allowing the players to combine into a single monster with immense powers that combined the elements of all the other Mecha for an even more epic battle. I'd also introduce some of the more fun swarm tactics for minions that I have yet to see in any of the games I've played.

This would give the potential of having Really Epic Battles and having a chance for the players to have different power leveled characters and a lot of diversity. So the question would be if I did start a game like that, where I could find the Mecha that I'd want for that kind of a game.