Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rolling the Dice: Short break but back in

Over the past couple of days I've been relatively busy and have been on the PC one day and that was enough to spend some time with a good friend of mine. We both play Guild Wars, but have mixed enjoyment of the game. He enjoys the Player vrs Player aspect of the game, where as myself I enjoy the Player vrs Environment. We both like to dabble in either or the other, and find it comparable to playing games like Magic the Gathering, in that you have a build of sorts, a collection of skills, that you use to compete with other players.

As I've played with him, I've gotten a fun enjoyment in finding a means of fitting unique builds together for competitive play, and a reason for our guild to get together for some fun entertainment. It just goes to show even more how many people can have different means of enjoying a game, but still have a common grounds for sharing their entertainment...

This brings me to think of some of the games I've hosted before as well as those I've played with on a number of levels. Being social creatures that we are, we often times will get together in a common medium to partake in something we enjoy, in the hopes of sharing our excitement for the medium with other people. In the process of exploring the medium, we all will change our minds to the various parts of the game that we enjoy until we or others decide to change the way they play the medium, and it moves onto the next "fad" of the game.

Guild Wars in particular has a lot of facets that really add to this complexity. For instance, in PvE alone, you have Title Collections which compose of a collection of things you can do in the game that if completed will give you a fun title that appears just below your name when people select your name in a lobby like area. Some of these titles include the Skill Hunter, which there are a good 200-300 Elite Skills in the game, Skills that can only be acquired by defeating a large creature, or boss, and then "Learning" the skill from that creature. Yup, that means that there are that many monsters who will have that skill that you'll need to defeat.

And then there is the Guardian title track, which you acquire if you defeat all the various mission instances in the game, and doing so at the highest difficulty and getting the best result in the mission. Similarly, seeing as how Guild wars has explorable areas, you also have Vanquishing, which is the act of completely "cleaning" the entire map of all bad guys. By doing so, you get rewarded experience and extra gold, and in some cases, Faction points, points acquired to impress a city or alliance.

A lot of these titles can be accomplished all at the same time, especially if you do your research on them ahead of time. With these titles, each person will always have something to work on, and it gives each person a chance to find other people working on the same title. Being that its an MMO of sorts, your always going to find other people who are interested in what your looking for and if you suddenly have a change of interest you can just as easily find another guild or group of people to fit those interests.

For those Interested, I'm currently working with my friend to get some of our PvP titles up, as well as getting some new characters up to be able to fit in the current metagame (Or current builds being used by the top guilds of the game) for Guild vrs Guild, Alliance Battles, and Heroes Ascent, all of which are unique PvP arena's. For those interested in contacting me, feel free to do so by bugging me as Mother Chaos in Guild Wars.