Monday, April 12, 2010

Rolling the Dice: Coming up with finances

Over the past couple of days I've spent some much needed time with family and friends, have been piecing together what I hope will be a big change in my life financially, and having spent some time with my girlfriend as she has been sick the past couple of days. The financial aspect of my life has been a bit rough, and is something that I constantly strive to improve.

When thinking of what I want to do for the rest of my life, and what I want to do to impact the world at large, I don't see myself doing too many significantly large things. Instead, I hope to bring together the people I care about in unique ways, and to further improve people's quality of life, regardless of my relation with them. Though, as life progresses, even such kind hearted things can be difficult.

Up till now, I've had the chance of going to college and getting a degree, with a company that I've found isn't necessarily a school, but instead a business. This means a number of things as I've found out that I'd love to share with you. First off, the school itself had great teachers, the books on the other hand were below par. Most of the books had been outsourced to another company in another country all together and seemed like they were lacking. Not until my last semester in the school did they actually have books that were credible and worth the large sum of money that I had invested in my education.

The school also did reward people who worked hard. I had gotten a really nice job that could have easily paid for my student loans before graduation. Once there, they had me working on a large number of projects and there was even potential for growth! Unfortunately, as life would have it, I was diagnosed with my mental disorder, and very quickly brought to the realization that my education was all for not. Why? As with bipolar, I can now no longer be a reliable source of employment for the companies that paid well enough to pay for my student loans.

After coming to this realization I did make some efforts to find work that did pay well enough to pay for these loans, I even was able to get a job at a Cell Phone Company that had some of the best benefits I've ever had in all my life! But, the stress of working at a job that I couldn't maintain my personal mental health proved taxing, and before too long I was finding myself in the ER trying to find help cause I didn't feel safe by myself or blacking out at work or having panic attacks that made it impossible to continue working at work.

Now its been close to 6 years since I've been in the hospital, and regardless of how hard I try to compromise with my Student Loan Provider, they refuse to help consolidate or even reduce the payments for my student loans to the point to where I can afford them. I've been very lucky to have families who support me as much as they do, but at some point I'd like to live on my own with my girlfriend without the hassle of paying an outrageous source of income to just my student loans.

So this upcoming week, I'll be working with an Attorney to see what my options are, as the more I research the more I find out that I may actually have a means of handling this debt.

Now for anyone who is currently having trouble or is needing help with dealing with their own student loans (which I'm sure there is a good handful of you out there) I'd suggest you check out This website as its helped me so profoundly up to this point!

The website is dedicated to keeping track of all the progress thats going in regards to student loan reform as well as various aspects of companies who help advocate for students in the world of student loans and education. Check it out, you never know if you yourself or a friend might need the info.