Thursday, April 01, 2010

Elaboratus: On Space Odyssey

About a year ago, me and a friend of mine decided that we'd work on a campaign that would include the both of us as Game Masters. We always talked about the various elements to include in it but it never really got off the ground. I'd like to, if anything, post some of those ideas up now in the event that we end up picking it back up at another time, as an idea file at some point. The Original idea started when we thought about using GURPS as a means to identify player characters in the EVE Online Universe in their natural environment and we got thinking of an even better idea...

The game we had yet to name, but we had decided that the world would be of a mixed Tech Level. The world itself would be advanced in such a way that it would have whats called a Miracle Technology of sorts, the ability to transfer an entire person's "soul" or mental "ghost" into a device that is called a Sleeve. This allowed people to be relatively immortal.

The only people who had access to this kind of technology were people who had done unspeakable crimes, and those who were considered upper class financially, religiously, and politically. The concept was that if the crime was bad enough, your body would be destroyed, but your soul, or simply just your mind to those who were religiously against the sleeve, would be trapped in a simulated state until another body was acquired in order to force an identity crisis or to be "revived" when the government had a better use for them.

The idea was that the players themselves would be playing villains of their own kind and making. The player had a choice of deciding if their character was framed, or if they indeed made their own crimes and are rather proud of how they so easily got into immortality.

The players would be introduced as the players would be making dues on their characters, having been placed in stock market "Worker" Bodies. If they died, they'd simply be put into a new body and placed back into work. The work would be that of working in the asteroid belts mining materials for World Ships, ships so large that would transport entire worlds worth of population to planets so far away, Ships that Housed entire Sleeving Technologies allowing for instant transportation of military personnel and construction people.

The players would be introduced to a patron that would give them the ability to not only escape, but to do so in such a way that would give them access to new bodies in the event of their timely demise. The players would then have choices as to what to do next, to follow this patron or to follow their own interests to whatever ends they so wish.

The world would have a very dark, gritty feeling, and the players would have access to a lot of customization, allowing them to customize everything from weapons to ships to their own bodies. The sleeves would provide a quick fix for death, assuming their sleeves are not destroyed.

The world itself we had large plans for, as the world ships provided travel across long distances, but using technology that was faster than light. Communication was the only thing that provided fast travel, but it took a slow process to actually get to far away distances before it reached to that point. Technology would exist for some faster forms of movement through space, but it is held by those of the darker origins, pirate types and in some cases religious types.

Additionally, the world would include a variety of unique elements, people who originally discovered the Sleeve, people who were trying to copy the technology, Larger Corporations, Political and Religious types, consisting of key slants that would provide a wide range of interaction for the players and plenty to explore.

A number of things we were tossing around that were not too specific, were that of where the sleeves really did come from. I had devised some fantasy elements but it didn't take well with my partner, but one must ask how such a miracle technology would come to pass then? Would it be along the lines of someone like Mr. Tesla who had a Miracle Brain? Or could it indeed have a more fantastic origin?

A sentient race of creatures that had perfected the soul to such an extent that they could move from one object, or creature, to another, and that something had happened to where this race could have seen potential in the human race, could be planning something unique for them, or could be a potential effort to put the Humans into Enslavement, making those who are indeed Religious the ones who are left trying to fight for the Human race!

In the end, we were still working on the World Ships specifically and the different corporations tied with them. I'd be curious what it would take to finish this back up, but seeing as how so many different projects have come and gone I'd be happy to touch base on this again. I'll have to take this time to finish SPACE from GURPS.