Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aspirations: The Perfect Gaming Lounge

I've been thinking of a number of projects that I've had in mind since I graduated from High School that particularly deal with acting as a host for entertainment. One of my biggest aspiring dreams I've had is to have a place people could go to hang out, a Boys and Girls Club for adults.

I remember back in my teenage years in Germany when I was moving around with my family where such a place existed and how much of an impact it had on my life, in that I found various activities that I could share with other people.

This place I had experienced I thought would be something fun to emulate if I were to ever get older, and as I host various games and the like I thought of how cool it would be to have a small room where I could host anywhere from 2 to 8 people in a single place where we could all have fun. The Room would need to be relatively cold year round, making a garage pretty Ideal. The Room would need to be able to host up to 6 people around a table (6' by 6' or a 6.5' Round Table).

One of my close friends had some bar tables that he used that were ideal for this kind of thing, only problem was that the two tables weren't the same exact hight which made drawing on the median a bit interesting, but not too difficult.

As far as current technology goes, I've been wanting to try even a virtual desktop battle grid on either a bunch of PC's connected to a single server, or even go as far as getting a projector that would display all the information I wanted for any war gaming or role play gaming adventures.

I have yet to piece together the costs for such things, or if doing a virtual desktop for LAN purposes would even be feasible. With the way current technologies are going right now, I could probably manage a bit of a hybrid level, but something of that magnitude wouldn't exactly be cheap, especially when considering the cost for games and the like.

So, having a room large enough for the tables, the PC's, and the players themselves would be the primary concern, and having enough power to apply to all those computers, be they laptops or what not, would be important. A mini fridge, microwave, and the like would also work out well for small snacks and holding hordes of caffeinated beverages would really help put the topper on the dream.

If anything, what would you consider to be the perfect gaming pad? What would be some things that you'd feel would be perfect for such an environment?