Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rolling the Dice: Some thoughts on format and concept

Hey Folks,

So Its been over a month now and no posts. Whats the deal? I can't really think of anything PERFECT to post. Most of my ideas have already been commented on, and no real solid opinion comes of it. So what should I do? Speak my mind, and if I can format it, great, if not, just go with the flow...

This still means that it will be RP heavy material, but I'll be including all things that I find interesting in my blog, which can include Guild Wars, which I'll explain in another post.

My Campaign projects for various RPG systems have been on hold as I learn about the processes needed to make my very own development, and if I can get an idea of how much it will be to publish my own works, I can see about making a (marginal) amount of money. I also want to get a better grasp of what generic systems there are on the market right now, so that I can tailer my campaigns to fit any of those systems more dynamically.

As for making money, by no means is it going to be something I can make a living off of, it ought to be something to work towards in the end and if anything allow me to do something I enjoy. First things first though, I have to make a better goal of keeping a routine going.

Plainly put, I just gotta make a more active effort to post more often, regardless if I have something to post that is "perfect." Part of the enjoyment is simply stating what you've got on your mind and having small projects to look forward to in between.

More to come as I go though, so for those still with me I send ya my thanks!

- Christopher