Monday, March 29, 2010

eAdventures: Quests of a Loan Necromancer

So when it comes to Role Play Games, its often times a lot easier to play games that would be on the tabletop on a computer instead. In most recent years, games have diverged away from the story oriented genre's of online gaming, and instead, have become a feast of brain numbing beating up on monsters and having a 1 in 1000 chance of getting that one rare item that you could have gotten if you had talked with your real life Game Master.

In this bit, I talk about my favorite kind of Computer Game, Guild Wars, as promised in my last post, why I've been playing it on and off for so long, and what I hope will come to pass in its upcoming sequel, Guild Wars 2!

So first things first, Computer games have evolved in a number of ways, and there has been a lot of achivements made in regards to how they are done over a large network such as the world wide web. The biggest achievement up till now has been that of the MMORPG, or more precisely, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (Yes, its a mouthful). These games revolve around the idea that you have a race and a class to chose from, just like you do in Dungeons and Dragons, and they revolve around being rewarded with experience and coin that allows you to grow in power, purchase new and powerful weapons, and conquer larger and harder foes.

The MM part of MMORPG represents the networking of these things, in that in the case of games like the original Everquest and the now more popular World of Warcraft, players from around the world can get together to join forces, or even compete, on a grand scale in order to conquer some of the most powerful forces in the game, some forces that are impossible to beat without the help of yourself and up to 24 other players! Such games have become so addicting that Millions upon Millions of people are playing the game on a monthly basis!

Where does Guild Wars Fit into all this? Guild Wars has been around since April of 2005 (Of which I started playing since October of 2005) and has since had 3 Various Installments and one universal expansion that builds off the core skills from all the 3 previous installments. Each installment has its own unique feel and look, but you can find similar elements in all of them and a history and geography that ties everything together! Unlike most MMORPGs, Guild Wars restricts you to just one race with a handful of classes.

The skill system in the game, also unlike a lot of other systems on the market right now, keeps things straight and simple. You can have any number of skills in the game and have access to a primary class and a secondary class, each class giving you access to their own unique skills that you can mix and match to suit whatever play style you may have. The only real limitation you have is that you can only be in an explorable area with one combination at a time, and are limited to only 8 skills at a time. Also, the game was designed for competitive game play, and has designed the game to limit your options in such a way to allow you to focus more on the game than on the controls.

Combine the easy controls, interesting story line, and some of the best visually pleasing graphics and easy going comfortable music and you've got an easy to play laid back game. Its real easy for me to pull up my computer and get lost in the game for either a short hour or as long as an all day escapade!

Seeing as how this game has been around for a good 5 years now, in the 6th year I'll be looking forward to seeing the sequel to the game, where they will be including other unique races, with no clue as to what kind of classes there will be. For those who have played the original Guild Wars, the achievement system that they've been using will be used in order to make a title system in the sequel as well, and hopefully some other perks but no real news on that exactly yet. As such, I've been working on keeping my titles almost all maxed out in the hopes that I'll eventually get the "Kind of a Big Deal" Title in the game sequel, one can only hope! Haha!