Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Balancing Acts: Crunch Time

So for the past couple of weeks, I've been tossing around various ideas to introduce in my first game for Mutants and Masterminds for my neighborhood game. I've been thinking what to focus around and what should be the most fun for the group, and I've finally decided on focusing around an Epic Battle Scene, good old Martial Arts style. The thing is, I've been diddle dadling on things for about two weeks now and I've only gotten so far as making the PC's each player will play and some general sketches of my first NPCs. So what to do next...

So lets sit down here and lay out what I need. I need a one shot adventure that introduces key elements and has a chance for the players to really shine in a final battle. I need to have PC's for each character (Already established) and need to have a character sheet that is easy to read and streamlined (I have a sheet that can possibly do this, found Here). Everyone already has their dice and are eager to play which ought to make things simple.

The only other element I need to work on is that of the game environment and where each combat should be focused at. Keeping the scene in mind ought to help in keeping it relatively fun! I've also been working on some story elements for each of the characters to help with RP, but the group I'll be introducing is more focused around small story elements, and more into the action of it, beat the monster, kick down the door, loot the treasure... heavy on the treasure.

So with that in mind, I figured I'd put the game together in such a way that they got to beat up the bad guy, get a clue to something, go to the third group (more difficult) with some interesting tidbits, and finally toss in the big boss battle afterwards.

So now with a couple days left, I think I can get the fun part out of the way of figuring out the big boss fight, and then have the setting figured out for the last battle and use some of the better examples in the Mutants and Masterminds book for some good intro adventures!