Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rolling the Dice: Thoughts, Blogging, and a Touch of Reality

How much money and time can I devote to this blog? Do I ever plan to have advertisements? What do I plan to do with this blog? These are only a few of the many questions I ask myself each time I look over the various blogs that are already on the market right now. It's often times hard to find my own place in this world, though as I type and put things together things begin to fall into place...

So I've started off so far with a couple of Biography posts and a review of one of my favorite systems. As I put things together, I find that I'm full of ideas to type about, but I don't want to flood the blog too much. As such, I've been mostly making a list of ideas so that when the time comes to post to the World-Wide-Web I'll have a general idea of what to talk about. So as to help me piece things together, I thought I'd share with you some of whats going on right now in my life and the ideas I have in mind for this blog and where I feel things are are possibly going.

Originally, the blog started off as a general theme on games that I play in my life, anything from computer to card to tabletop games. As I type more and more I find I'll have PLENTY to talk about with just the tabletop Genre alone. In the meantime, I'm currently unemployed, living off of Social Security having been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Most recently I've been told, after having worked insanely hard to recover or at least manage my disorder, that I was in partial remission. This means a number of things.

First off, it means I'm doing really really well at managing my bipolar disorder. Mind you the key word here is "Managing." Bipolar is not a disease that can be "cured", or at least not yet anyways. Instead, it works just like having an impairment of some sort that just doesn't go away, that you have to take medicine on a regular basis to keep it in check and when you least want it to gets out of hand for a short while. Think like Diabetes and the like, just instead of your blood its your chemicals in your brain that's the problem. Now having been able to manage my disorder, this means I'm going to need to make some lifestyle changes.

Right now with the Social Security and help from my girlfriends very supportive parents, my girlfriend and I can live a very relaxing lifestyle. With this lifestyle I have a lot of time that I can spend blogging, playing games, reading, and keeping up with family and friends. Once I'm considered a person who is "Functioning" my Social Security is very likely to go away. As such, I'll have to devote my time in other matters, such as working a full or part time job depending on if I want to get Health Insurance or not.

So as I work on this blog, I really have to ask myself, what do I want to achieve and how is it that I can achieve such? Right now, I just want to try to find a low key work atmosphere where I can do what I love, be it as simple as working part time, or working to update this blog on a more regular basis and make money through advertisements and turning this blog into a more commercial endeavor. I really don't want to flood this blog with advertisements, and if anything if I can make money off of it that would be nice, but I'm not going to put much thought into making it commercial. The idea is to keep it minimalistic and act as a source of information and inspiration to any who read it.

Which will bring me to my final point and original question: What do I plan to do with this blog? As I've typed, I've really got a feel for what it is that I like to talk about. I'll still be trying to make the most of what you have (money included) but I'd like to put as much motivation into inspirational ideas, be they character concepts or entire Game Setting Ideas! I have a number of ideas put together so far for conceptual blog posts and they are as follows in no particular order:

  • Game Spotlight - As Detailed in my last post, a series focused around the review of the various Gaming Systems for Tabletop Role Play games that I've had experience with or have had a chance to try out.
  • World Spotlight - A Series of Posts focused around the various Worlds Already out on the Market
  • Software Spotlight - Another Series about the different pieces of Software that I use and how the incorporate into the gaming room. I'll try to focus mostly on free games, or at the least, games that have a pronounced use in them that just can't be ignored.
  • Rolling the Dice - As in this post, a collection of ideas, goals, questions, and topics dealing with Real Life and the blog in particular.
  • Worldly Inspirations - This will specifically detail the ways that I put together worlds and adventures alike
  • Balancing Acts - This series will focus on the joys of player/game master relationships and the tools to make things easier to both. A lot of the time it will focus on the different concepts in each game and spotlight different styles of play.
  • Elaboratus - This series focuses on the construction of one of my many game ideas. I like starting stories, and some of these I wouldn't mind publishing someday, assuming I ever get the resources to do so.
Mind you, this is really just a rough idea of what I plan to include in this blog. If you have any other ideas or possible additions to this series please feel free to comment about such. I'm always open for ideas!