Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rolling the Dice: Down one PC, up some Motivation

Life has its ways of tossing you curve balls that you don't expect, and more times than not, it hits you right in the gut. Well, as it turns out, with my life pretty much revolving around it, my PC has died. Not sure to what extent yet, as I have not the tools to look over it in detail. It is for sure that the Power switch to the case is busted, and power supply has seen its last days. Weather or not it has hosed the rest of my computer is another story...

In any case, its given me some time to focus on other things. Catching up on reading and otherwise finding more leads for a potential temporary job. I can make due working part time at this point in my life, though I'd like to work on getting my first publication as a Game Story Designer in the works. I've had some chance to look into it, and find that if I really want to do it, I can really be close to doing so. First off, I'd really need to get some playtesting done, get a better grasp of what is needed to host and play a game, and if my understanding of the rules is understood enough to allow me to make some changes to the mechanics.

In particular, I'd like to work on my very first attempt at a MnM game. It was originally a twist I made on the included material in the first Mutants and Masterminds Source Book, that introduced Player skill as well as player cooperation and trouble shooting/solving. I'd like to include something again, but with a better understand, as before I was ran for all I had. The players enjoyed the story and the game so much that it became a story all on its own, and I found myself working more and more on the world at large and how I wanted it all to pan out.

So far I have a really good idea of how I wanted the basic idea of how powers worked panned out (being any combination of mutations, ritualistic magic, evolution, and alien technology. I've got the basic concept of how two of the key "races" home lands will be arranged and what I plan to have them all managed politically.

The question is what will it take software wise to get things going? Can I handle making my own mistakes and editing problems to make a finished project/product? Will my ideas work well with the M&M Superlink Public Licence or any other Public Licences out there? Many questions to ask, just gotta find the answers!