Friday, January 15, 2010

Biography: Stories Worth Telling - Part II

So what have been some of my favorite Campaigns or Adventures I've hosted? What are some of the key players in these games? In this part of my Biography I go into detail about one of my favorite campaigns that I've had the opportunity to share. I go over the key characters, key NPCs, and details about what made the campaign what it is and how it came to be.

Now it had been some time since I had gotten into a group and I was exploring a group of friends that I had just been introduced to back in 2004. At the time I had been gathering quite the collection of books, and a campaign setting by the name of Eberron had come out. I poured all over the book soaking in every detail as the whole concept of being in such a world was just awe inspiring! You had a train, flying boats, bound elementals, and a massive world where you could find an origin for any character suiting to your imagination. This was my first official Campaign Setting, after having experienced GURPS for the first time and my friend's attempts at playing a different game and a different story once every other week or so.

Out of the group though, I think I was the only one who ever dedicated themselves to a single story for longer than a couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, I had spent the last year playing in a solid campaign starting from a really low level 4 to a decent level of 12 out of a possible 20 levels! So after having read the campaign setting, I set forth to put together my first campaign.

The game started off as the various players where freed or paid to come meet a great librarian in the hopes of being hired for a series of adventure articles in the nationwide newspaper. The players where then set off to do great deeds for this librarian and start a grand adventure that would be sold right to masses! As the players investigated and learned more about the land, they befriended various characters I created for them and also discovered a sinister plot, were able to free a large collection of slaves, acquired their own flying ship, and eventually their own strongholds! And by the end of it all, two of the players had created characters that had so much content, that I include their characters in just about any other games I happen to be playing, their character concepts having a small hold in some of the more religious parts of each world I've put together.

The campaign as a whole lasted the better part of 2 years, and had anywhere from 5 players to just 2, and on occasion a small adventure with just one of the other players playing whenever we had the chance. The two players that remained at the end of it completed each of their own adventures and gained families and became gods of their very own Demiplanes, forging out to be the perfection of their realms, one of Knowledge and War, the other of Freedom and the first class-specific (Dragon Shaman, introduced in the 3.5 Players Handbook 2) god of that world.

There are a lot of good and sour memories in those games, but the fact it lasted as long as it did made it one of my largest achievements of my Role Playing Career. Now with that world under my belt, and a substantial more experience under my belt, I'm working on putting together my first Campaign Setting for the Mutants and Masterminds Gaming System which I'll be detailing in this blog, and hopefully, I'll be able to print out the book for those interested and even have a PDF file for free distribution, or so the plan is for right now. One can only dream right?

So for those who have played before, what was your favorite campaign and why? What really made it stand out for you and what kept you hooked?