Sunday, January 10, 2010

Biography: Stories Worth Telling - Part I

So over the span of a lifetime, from building Legos now to Building entire Campaigns for a collection of players, what are some of the greatest stories I have to share?

Well I have a number of stories I've worked on over the years, which can be divided up by my favorite Player Character and my favorite story as a Game Master. So first off I'll Detail my favorite character story, that of Tarbi the Crazy Tumbler!

My favorite character story wasn't even my most played character. As a matter of fact, the character played in only about 2 Months worth of game sessions (about 6 or so). The character's name was Tarbi Litherspoon, or more well known as the "Crazy Tumbler." He was my second attempt at a character that had a really detailed persona. He was a Halfling Rogue, with a dabble of Clerical abilities. He was a follower of the God of Luck, and he had a Mask of the God of Luck that was infused on half of his face. The other half he always painted like a clown to match the mask. I've included a picture I drew, link here, of the character in question, and as you can see, I had put a lot of detail into his possessions. All the way down to each pocket and each marking on all of his clothing. He stood 3'2" and weighed in about 35 pounds depending on what he was carrying.

Its stories like this, though, that really make a person proud to be a Role Player, because you can really get a feel for who the character is, and people who play with you can definitely see them in their minds eye. It is detail like this that I hope to inspire into my own player's during the games I host with each adventure that I put in front of them. As I get more skilled as a Game Master I hope to find the tools I need to inspire such detail in my players. And hopefully, in due time, I'll find the players who are interested enough to get into such a campaign that will make stories like the one I'll describe in my next Biography post.

Till next time, I'll ask the same in return: What was your favorite character and why? What where their traits that really helped flesh them out?