Saturday, January 09, 2010

Biography: How I got Started

So how did it all start?

What was it that inspired me to join the world of Role Playing?

Well, I've been Role Playing for the majority of my life! It all started with my first set of Lego Brick building blocks, after which there was no return...

My favorite memory was when I got my first Castle Set, which consisted of a Lego Castle (with a tower and hidden chamber no less!), a Horse, and a collection of army figurines. I would take all my other lego men and set them up so that my little army of wolfpack soldiers could embark on great adventures, or putting together large battles to raid the castle and its gaurds of the treasure found within! As simple as it may sound, it's acts like this that really triger the imagination to go to its limits, and make for great excuses to get into role playing games.

On the other hand, I often find myself amused at people who say that they never have role played before, when in fact, it can be as simple as going out and being a part of a Paintball Team and having ranks, goals, and objectives. Or even a young child putting together her first doll tea party, or someone piecing together all their stuffed animals for the latest round of gossip. Its seen all the time in childhood, in their various forms. It's this fact that I find that anyone who has an imagination can truly find themselves having a blast in this unique game environment.

As I've found out though, the world of Role Playing can take any form and use any set of rules, it merely takes creative applications of imagination to really help it come to life. This was no different from my initial group of friends that I gamed with when I first moved to New Mexico in my adventure to start a life of my own. The group of players consisted of a friend that went to school with me and small collection of people he gamed with. The Game Master at the time had a masterpiece of a campaign that he had assembled of the span of his childhood and most of his adulthood that he was willing to put up to the test of the Dungeon's and Dragon's Game System. So much so, that he allowed the players to play outrageous races such as ten foot tall Ogers and Gargantuan if not Colossal Dragons, which the rules of DnD didn't really recommend nor did they have solid rules for. This didn't really get in the way of the GM allowing the players to do what their imagination so desired.

I happened to be a new player, so I got to choose from the basic races of the 3.0, and eventually the 3.5, Dungeon and Dragons Role Playing Game system. So with so many large creatures around, how could I ever add up to their power? Instead I put together my first Halfling Sorcerer, an minuscule pest compared to the others, which at the time was rather funny, but eventually enabled me explore the world in ways no others could.

This eventually led me to buy my first 3.5 Character Rulebook, and such started my Game Book Collection which now spans two shelves of my bedroom book shelf. Over time I met with another gaming group and I had been introduced to GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System), and eventually Mutants and Masterminds (A Game System centered around the concept of acting out characters found in Comic/Manga Stories). As time progresses, I hope to learn more of the systems available out there, as well as get a chance to find new uses for the books I already have.

So it comes down to this question: What childhood memories do you have that you think triggered your imagination? And more importantly, what was it that helped you to rekindle your interest in the World of Role Playing?